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  • This website was updated on 01/12/17.
  • DA PUBLIC INFORMATION TRAINING CALLS:  Begins Thursday 1/19/17   Northwest DA Intergroup will host nine monthly Public Information (PI) training calls, January through September 2017, open to D.A. members from anywhere in the world. The purpose of each call is to review the experience, strength, and hope of D.A. members on the topic of specific sections in the pending 80-page Public Information Handbook for D.A. Members: Let’s Share D.A., ensuring interested D.A. members are aware of available PI resources and how to use them. Each call will include two panelists and up to 45 minutes for sharing and Q&A on PI in D.A. For More information Download the flyer or visit the Lets Grow DA   website.
  • A STEP ONE WORKSHOP Sunday 1/22/17   2pm-5pm at LGBT Community Center     208 West 13th St. NY,NY . Hosted by E.A.R.N. The WIT workshop.                  Download the flyer for reservation information, and to print for your meetings.
    4-5:30pm EST.   A fellowship-wide conference call sponsored by the World Service Business Debtors Anonymous Committee. Featuring three speakers and a Q&A. For More information Download the flyer.  Please print and share at your meetings.
  • DA GENERAL SERVICE BOARD Open Service Opportunities Call for resumes for Appointed Committee Members: GSB International Committee and GSB Conference Support Committee Download the flyer for more information. Please print and share at your meetings.
  • Share your recovery story in the Ways & Means. Ways & Means, an electronic meeting in print for the fellowship of Debtors Anonymous, is published quarterly by the D.A. General Service Board. Get the download for more information. Please print and share at your meetings.
  • NYC Meeting List is NOW available. A copy of the list for October 2016 is available here. We rely on you to help keep this list up to date! If you know of any new, changed or closed meetings, please let us know!
  • Diversity Best Practices. A request from the 2015-2016 Diversity Caucus and the GSB Public Information Committee. Click here for full details.
  • Intergroup Information listed here. The time, location and information about the monthly Intergroup meeting is listed here.
  • GSR Information listed here. The time and location of the monthly GSR meeting is listed here. More information is available on the GSR website.
  • Seeking stories about DA Founder. In preparation for D.A.’s gala 40th anniversary celebration in 2015-2016, the fellowship’s Archives are collecting memories of DA founder John Henderson. Download the flyer for more information.
  • The DA Treasurer's Guide. Get valuable advice from DA's General Service Office about how to fulfill this important service.
  • DA Recorded Speakers online. Hear or download recorded stories of experience, strength & hope from recovering debtors in NY on our website.
  • Blank "We Care" sheet available here.

Last update: 7/4/2016

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